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Teaching Reading Comprehension to children can be very difficult. Here are 3 websites that have fun activities to help your students better their reading comprehension.
a site with 35 different language games that vary from matching opposites to spelling, and even more complex subjects such as matching up begining and ending sentences.
This site is full of online reading activities, with topics such as phonics and phonemes, sight words, fluency, vocabulary, book talks, comprehension, and several others.
This site is not only for students but also for teachers. there are many different games they can play that will help them with their reading comprehension. There are tabs where teachers can create worksheets to test their students along with other activities you can use in your classroom as well.

Other Hands On Activities in the Classroom:
Along with these three websites, there are many other activities that teachers can use within their classrooms to better their reading comprehension. They are;
- Have your students draw a picture of three characters in the story and then ask them to cut them out. Then you can use them to play a character guessing game.
- As a group or individual, have your students create a timeline of events that goes along with the story. ( either in picture or written form.)
- Have your students pretend they are a journalist or news reporter and have them write a newspaper column or oral broadcast for the story.
- Create a trivia game based on the story for your students to play to test their comprehension.
- Create a Jeopardy game based on the story, put your students in 4-6 groups and play the game as a class.
- Ask your students to create a comic strip about the story.
- Ask your students to write a sequal to the story.
- Give your students an open response and ask them if they could be in the story, who would they be and why.
- Ask your students to create a movie poster for the story.
- Ask your students to create a new book cover for the story.
- Ask your students to illustrate one chapter out of the book.

Two main keys to help struggling children with reading comprehension.
Have them take notes while they read. writing helps reinforce concepts and helps them store information into longer term memory.
Understanding vocabulary is very important with reading comprehension. If your students do not understand the words in the story, then they will not fully understand what is going on. Therefore, as a teacher you need to reinforce the vocabulary into their minds. You can do this with some of the activities listed above.